I’m going to…

Hello dear bloggers!
today I have an exited news to share….this week from 15th to 20th i’m going to go to london!!!
really exited to see this really wonderful city and i hope to discover a scrapbooking shop (LOL)
so, I hope to found somthing cute to use for my hobby and naturally to see the famous buildings…!
so, i’m a bit sorry if I can’r reply at your comments and your e.-mail.
if you have any question feel free to ask and I answer you as soon as I can!
For my Design team boss: i have make some cards for my terms and I have send it in your inbox, so I hope you can see it and use it for your buisness…
 I have make some post for nexts days, hope you be there and see it!
thanks for watchink, please leave a comment!
hugs, Alberto

7 pensieri su “I’m going to…

  1. Ma che meraviglia Londra!!
    Divertiti e facci scoppiare d'invidia quando torni per le cose scrappose che troverai li!
    Fai tante foto per i minialbum e prendi tante ispirazioni quindi mi raccomando non andare mai in giro senza bloc-notes e matita.
    Ci vediamo qui al tuo rientro.
    Big Hugs.

    Mi piace

  2. Buon Viaggio Alberto!!!
    Londra è bellissima…
    l'ho visitata taaaaaaaaaanto tempo fà…ora sarà cambiata,come tutto daltronde…ma il suo fascino l'ha sempre…
    noi rimaniamo in attesa del tuo ritorno e resoconto
    XXX XXX Jo

    Mi piace

  3. Hi Alberto, Thank you for you comment on my blog!! Sorry for the late reaction.. Due to illness I'm not blogging much at the moment.. Really love the things you make!
    Have a great time in London.. I've been there several times and really love the city!
    Yvonne x

    Mi piace


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