One day until the new Release – MFT

Hello everyone!

And welcome to the last countdown day to the new January release by MFT! And today i’m pretty excited to show you what i’ve made.

Today i’m showing you a new experiment i’ve made with lights and shadows and to create this cute little scene i’ve used the newest Pure Innocence stamp set that is coming out tomorrow! this time the wings are already on the stamp set and all i had to do is create the light from the star!

It was so fun to create it but a bit hard because my B’s markers are almost dried and i so wanted to use B06, B04, B02 and B01 markers beacuse they are my favorite blue markers!

As always i’ve added few details with a white gel pen and the zero marker to remove ink from some spots of the coloring to create a glowing effect!

I hope you’ll like my coloring for today! Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the final post of this new amazing release!

As always, i wish you a creative day

6 pensieri su “One day until the new Release – MFT

  1. Holy cow! I wish I had a tenth of your talent! I love how realistic the glow from her wand looks.
    When are you going to start doing YouTube videos? I’d love to watch you create and I’m sure many others would too!

    "Mi piace"


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