“Cats and Plants” Card Kit Release – MFT

Hello Crafty People and welcome back to my blog!

Finally the new MFT Card kit is releasing TODAY!

And as i did in the previous post, i wanted to give you an idea on what’s inside this month’s kit!

Because yes, there’s a lot of stuff…dies, stamps, papers and cardstock!

As i told you, there’s so much stuff inside, so don’t miss this kit! And for today’s coloring i thought about making a special coloring as i used to do in the past…writing down all the copic codes i’ve used for each of the cats!

I hope this can be helpful for you, becuase when you have a copic list is always easier!

I’ve colored one cat in cold browns – with all the E70s, one cat with warm browns – with all the E10s, one in a warm grey – with all the Ws and one with a neutral greys – with all the Ns.

One of these color combo is my favourite for cats, can you guess which one? and what’s your own personal favourite combo for cats?

Wish you a creative day, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow on my blog for a brand new Sketch Challenge!


23 pensieri su ““Cats and Plants” Card Kit Release – MFT

  1. Thank you for sharing the colors you used, my favorite is the neutral gray, because that is the color of my kitty. But I think your favorite is the E10 warm brown kitty.

    "Mi piace"

  2. You are the first place I look at sample cards from the designers. You are such a talented artist and your coloring is phenomenal! Beautiful color and shading brings your artwork to a level I have never seen before.

    "Mi piace"

  3. Thank you for sharing your color combinations. Your coloring is always amazing. My favorite would be warm grays because my cats are black so I usually color to match them.

    "Mi piace"

  4. I love the one with the warm browns! I’ll guess that’s your favorite color combo for kitties! Each one has so much personality!
    Awesome kit! I’d love to see you color one of the kitties like a Siamese!

    "Mi piace"


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